Cooperation with construction companies

Current purchasers of aggregates produced by Harsco Metals Polska Sp. z o.o. are mainly companies specializing in road construction. The companies we cooperate with include: Skanska, Strabag, GDDKia, Lafarge, Paroc, Rockwool, Budimex, Mota-Engil, Eurovia, Techmax, Transsyp, Kruszywosort, Pebis, Drog-Bud.

Metallurgical aggregates are used for soil replacement, embankments, frost-protection layers, sub-bases and road bases, for levelling areas, hardening access roads, backfilling mine shafts.

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Land reclamation

Elimination of slag landfills (dumps) leads to the recovery and revitalization of areas that seemed to be lost to the environment and not fit for any other use. Application of road materials produced from steel slag is a sign of care for the environment by using post-process materials from recycling that were previously filling up landfills and dumps. These actions contribute to conservation of natural resources by reducing exploitation of deposits and degradation of areas, which require reclamation once the extraction is complete.

Reclamation of slag landfill in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski

Cooperation with steelworks

Harsco Metals Polska in cooperation with steelworks in the country is responsible for the following areas of activity:

arrow arrow evacuation, transportation, cooling and processing of slag from under the furnaces,
arrow arrow separation of slag and recovery of metals,
arrow arrow storage, sorting and processing of materials,
arrow arrow preparation of all types of slag to be brought to the market and sales of slag aggregates and other materials after processing and sorting,


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